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So we’re here at SMACC being treated to a fantastic conference and some superb talks. Last night (Day 1) closed with a superb panel of experts from across the globe talking on sepsis including Melvyn Singer, Paul Marik, John Myburgh, Simon Finfer, Kathryn Maitland & Flavia Machado. The panel challenged current global practice on sepsis including the use of SIRS criteria, antiobitic prescribing patterns and the utility of lactate.

This led to a phenomenal response on twitter with many left wondering what to do with their sepsis care.

I’m here at the conference with Tim Nutbeam and Clare Bosanko who are both EM physicians down in the south west in Derriford Hospital. We came together to discuss what yesterday means for our sepsis care.

It is of note that Tim is a founding member of the UK sepsis trust and has been involved in the new sepsis guidelines produced by RCEM, RCP, RCGP, RCN & COP and the associated toolkits.


ResusMe Causes of a raised lactate 



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