Rob Fenwick talks to us about hypothermia right from it’s definition through to the the difficulties and dilemmas of treatment. Including whether somebody is dead and cold or cold and dead, enjoy!


Concerned about hypotension being caused by bear huggers &


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2 thoughts on “Hypothermia

  1. Matt Pearce says:

    Great podcast! Goes to show when working pre-hospital we should not rule out a differential diagnosis of Hypothermia when our unreliable tympanic says otherwise! Also this has opened my eyes to quantifying the stages of Hypothermia without having accurate temperature readings.

  2. DrM says:

    Hi Guys,
    Loved the podcast ! My interest is Pre Hospital Care and I would like to add a comment regarding the Swiss staging
    The link is from a 2016 article in Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med .It points out that it can be quite an inaccurate assessment tool . However, it is often all that is practical in the outdoor environment.
    The second point I would like to make is that since defibrillators are getting smaller , lighter and cheaper they get deployed in more austere environments, like commercial heliskiing and some ski patrols. Batterylife in the cold is one issue but if recharged daily should be ok.
    However if the defib gel pads get cold they crystallise and become nonconducting.They need to be kept somewhere warm, like in the base layer of the responders clothing for example.
    Kind regards
    Dr M

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