Coming soon – ED Pearls

The team at HEFT EMCAST are extremely excited to announce a new stream of work that will be hitting our website (alongside the usual content) within the next couple of weeks.

Dr Catrin Dyer and Dr Caroline Park are ED consultants working at HEFT. As many of you who have worked within the trust will know, they are both fantastic clinicians and educators. They have spent a lot of time putting together their “ED Pearls” which are just too useful not to share on a wider scale.

These were initially used within our department during morning handover to spark discussion and allow the sharing of both experience and best practice. As a way of disseminating these further they will be shared on the HEFT EMCAST website and via the twitter and Facebook feeds.

They represent a mixture of evidence, experience and opinion and really are a superb snapshot of what you need to know about some core ED problems and presentations.

We really hope you enjoy them and would value your feedback.

Rob Fenwick


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