Important information for HEFT EMCAST users

So this is just a really quick message regarding HEFT EMCAST and what’s happening to the feed over the next few days just incase there we’re to be any glitches!

We’re changing our hosting service over this week. Hopefully you won’t need to do anything at all regarding where you can find us on iTunes/your podcast apps the feed you’re using should stay the same. When you refresh the feed later this week it should automatically change to ‘HEFT EMCAST; the new feed’

The feed should still be here and the icon you’ll find will be

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.51.23

All episodes from January onwards will be on here. We’ll be adding the back catalogue ones to different feed; heft emcast the archives very soon and we’ll let you know the details of that as soon as it’s complete

So hopefully you’ll notice a change in the iTunes icon, a few changes to the number of episodes available and the new ‘papers of April 2016′ appearing in your feed on the 1st april.

Just incase the transition goes wrong we’ll put any relevant messages on the website and the twitter account @heftemcast with a link to any new details you might need

Hope to speak to you on the other side on april 1st and finger’s crossed you won’t have to change any of your settings/subscriptions

Thanks for your support with the podcast and I’ll speak to you on friday!!

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