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Can you see the Cords; video laryngoscopy vs direct laryngoscopy in the ED

Whilst the embedded management of the airway in ED is via direct laryngoscopy, advances in technology and equipment leads to multiple alternatives in the form of video laryngoscopy. We look at a recent systematic review looking at this topic. Download supporting powerpoint Add this content to your CPD

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The ARISE trial; septic shock, EGDT or give it your standard best?

The ARISE trial, following on from the ProCESS trial, is there a different message or is EGDT a thing of the past? Download the supporting PowerPoint presentation Add this content to your CPD

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Diagnostics in EM; from the CFN podcast

Everything we do in the Emergency Department is a test, be that a question, looking for a clinical finding or performing a ‘traditional’ test. Truly understanding this concept and applying it will help lift your diagnostics to a higher level. Download the supporting PowerPoint presentation Add this content to your CPD

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Point of care ultrasound in emergency medicine; the POCUS trial?

Ultrasound is becoming a key part of Emergency Medicine. It’s potential applications are vast and use throughout the UK is spreading fast. We look at a recent paper focusing on its utility in aiding diagnosis in the ED to respiratory presentations. Will this change your practice? Download the support PowerPoint presentation Add this content to

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Collapse? Cause; San Francisco Syncope Rule

Deciding the best course of management for a patient in your ED with an unidentified case for collapse poses a difficult challenge. This episode we look back at a paper attempting to validate the San Francisco Syncope Rule and see what we can take from the paper to inform and improve our risk stratification of

Literature Reviews

The Hector project; Heartlands Elderly Care Trauma & Ongoing Recovery

David Raven, EM Consultant at HEFT describes the challenges in dealing with trauma in the elderly population and

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NSAID’s in Emergency Medicine; update in prescribing and therapeutics

Su Dorrian and Jo Pointon discuss the evidence base surrounding the use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and

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Magnesium in acute severe asthma; 3Mg trial

A review of the BTS guidance of acute asthma exacerbations and a review of the 3Mg trial which

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2014 NICE Head Injury Guidelines

A summary of the recently updated NICE head injury guidelines, with the key points for your Emergency Medicine

Literature Reviews

A systematic review, finding the evidence

How a clinical scenario can be turned into a clinical question for a systematic review. This video gives a overview of the practicalities of searching the available evidence and formulating a summary of relevant abstracts

Critical Appraisal

CT Imaging in Trauma

CT imaging in Trauma; what where and when to image. We look at the a recent paper from

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